Finding the Cheapest Hotel in Folsom

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The rise of the modern hotel industry in the United States began in the nineteenth century. After the end of World War II, the economy expanded to such a degree that the number of hotels grew at a record pace. A three-decade economic boom boosted commercial travel and incomes, and the hotels became important loci … Read more

Low Cost Motels in Folsom

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The first hotels were small and operated in the local villages, but as civilizations developed, their size and importance increased. Some early civilizations erected hospitals at thermal baths, and the Romans and Greeks followed suit. During the Middle Ages, different religious orders developed the concept of hospitality, and built numerous hotels along coastal trade routes. … Read more

Folsom Hotels – Find the Best Family Hotels in Folsom

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The first period of hotel construction in the United States took place between 1790 and 1820. The growth of the canal age and steam navigation greatly increased travel within the American continent. During this time, urban merchant-capitalists began building a new breed of hotels. These hotels would often be located in coastal trade centers, where … Read more