The Best Family Scuba Diving Course in Folsom, California

Scuba diver observing a Hawksbill turtle,Testudines Cheloniidae underwater.

During the day, recreational divers breathe air that is compressed into a cylinder and held in place with a weight. Most of this air is nitrogen, a gas that is not metabolized. When the pressure in the cylinder increases, nitrogen builds up in the body tissues and causes decompression sickness. If the nitrogen is released … Read more

Cheap Scuba Discount Diving Gear For Beginners

Scuba diver swimming past wall of Jacks, Cocos Island, Costa Rica

The basic equipment required by a scuba diver is a compass. Scuba divers need a compass at all times. They use it to take their heading when entering the water and to locate their boat. They also use it to check their depth. Scuba instructors teach divers how to use a scuba compass. You can … Read more