Tips For Renting a Car in Folsom, California

Smiling car rental assistant giving information to customer.

Before you rent a car, it is important to know what is required. The type of rental car that you choose will determine the cost, and the type of rental fee that you pay. While most rental companies will charge a deposit, some will also require an extra form of identification. Many of them will … Read more

How to Find the Cheapest Rental Cars in Folsom

Asian woman showing car remote key to man friend sitting in vehicle at car rental company together

Regardless of whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, rental cars are a must-have. Regardless of your travel plans, a great car will make your trip a lot easier. Many car rental companies will offer unlimited mileage, although some may have daily limits. Before renting a car, make sure you know how much tax, fees, … Read more

Tips For Choosing a Rental Car in Folsom, California

Man car salesman telling about the features of the new car to the couple

The price of rental cars can vary drastically, even if you plan to drive the same route every day. Some companies charge additional fees for extra features, like GPS or a Toll Transponder, and some may charge a daily maximum based on the type of car you rent. Also, depending on the location you are … Read more